3 PODCASTS + LINKS + BLOG: Entering the Lion's Den of Dogma Debate, w/ atheist David Smalley

First, a mea culpa. I should have posted this a month ago but I got wrapped-up with other things, things like Christmas & New Year's, Exodus 90, interviews (coming soon), thurifer training for the Solemn High Mass, a "Rorate reflection" for MeaningOfCatholic.com (also coming soon), and time spent working on the final chapters of my novel. All of these things are good & beneficial, of course, and many are topics I intend to talk about in upcoming blogs & videos, but I really should've done better about updating the site. For this, I'm sorry... NOW, THE EPIC RUNDOWN (for links, click images):

1. Part One (Episode #436) deals with some of my reasons for returning to the faith after the untimely death of my daughter, as well as arguments including but not limited to the existence of God, the tragedy & hope of pain & suffering, the trustworthiness of the bible, papal infallibility, and the role of the liturgy in securing the reliability of church history.

2. Part Two (Episode #437) focuses on political, legal, and cultural arguments for & against President Donald Trump. It involves a series of questions concerning various allegations regarding his character & actions since taking office, as well as the "Sophoclean" reasons for my continued support of him in light of (and even in spite of) those allegations.

3. The comment section went berserk--114 COMMENTS!--as patrons bombarded me with an outpouring of outrage!

4. Rather than typing all of my replies, I made a video, entitled, "Satan Called My Cellphone," where I dealt with many of their questions & criticisms.

5. David posted my response video to his Patreon, which led to another 64 COMMENTS. It was a marvelous round of robust debate & dialogue with his patrons, some of whom were starting to soften-up to my schtick.

6. Part Three (Episode #438) concerns statements I've made about sex & gender, focusing heavily on remarks taken from my podcast, "Raising Daughters Right: A Father's Guide." We debated feminism, contraception, gender roles, patriarchy, the "weaker sex," women in comedy, equalitarianism, and much, much more.

7. Again, the comment section was on fire, resulting in an additional 69 COMMENTS, for a grand total of 247 COMMENTS! And though the exchange may have started off with fire & fury, by the third time 'round, things were much cooler--even cordial!--and a few of the patrons went so far as to follow me on YouTube & friend me on Facebook. David & I have our disagreements--of this there is no doubt!--but he's a valiant debater and a bona fide professional podcaster. More than that, he's a friend, and I'm nothing but grateful for the time I spent on Dogma Debate, as well as with his supporters on Patreon.

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