Atheist Activist David Smalley: BLM is NOT Marxist! (w/ links)

I like David Smalley. In fact, I consider him a friend, a bona fide member of the #TeamTinyDancer family, and (in a strange-bedfellow kind of way) an esteemed colleague. But he's also one of my favorite atheists, trailing only behind the likes of pundits like Camille Paglia, James Lindsay, Steven Pinker, and the late-Christopher Hitchens. So whenever we find ourselves entangled in a debate (it happens from time to time), I feel compelled to preface my remarks with a charitable disclaimer.

All that being said, I recently saw David tweet about Black Lives Matter, and as much as it pained me to emerge from my Twitter hibernation, I simply couldn't let this one fly.

He wrote...

First & foremost, he knows better than this. I mean, so what the word "Marxism" isn't on the website. The word "patriarchy" and "heteronormativity" aren't in the bible, either, but that doesn't prevent David from connecting the dots. More to the point, we have indisputable evidence that at least the founders of the BLM are Marxists--and not just Marxists but, according to a 2015 interview with co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors, "trained Marxists."

Which begs the question: trained where, and by whom?

Patrisse answered this question during a 2018 interview with Democracy NOW!, wherein she admitting to being trained in the black magic of commie-unity organizing by none other than the Labor/Community Strategy Center (LCSC), a place she fondly refers to as her "first political home." But what exactly is the LCSC?

Breitbart reports:

And who exactly is Eric Mann?

Yeah, no Marxism to see here, folks. Keep moving along... Astonishingly, David just brushed this off!

But again, so what? We're talking foundational principles, theories, and methods, as well as influences and ultimate aims. And, dang, 2015??? I bet dinosaurs were alive back then! You know what wasn't alive, though? Black dudes named Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Martin died on February 26, 2012, Brown on August 9, 2014. And yet they both have something weird in common: both took place before Cullors's February 20, 2015, interview. Heck, Black Lives Matter was founded on July 13, 2013, a full 23 months prior to Patrisse admitting their adherence to Marxism--and that's 23 months Cullors & Co. could've disavowed!

So have they, David? Have they disavowed Marxism?

*crickets chirping*

Sadly, David never replied. Part of me doesn't blame him--even he has dogmas he is unwilling (and unable) to debate. I learned this the hard way nearly three-years-ago when we debated the issues of whiteness, culturism, and Critical [Race] Theory. Regarding Critical Theory, he was totally oblivious. I can almost understand that, too, especially back in the "olden days" of 2017. But in 2020??? No way, José! Like COVID 19 (or Wilt Chamberlain), Critical Theory has penetrated practically everything. We hear it all the time in the super-woke rhetoric regarding race & privilege, feminism & patriarchy, sex & gender, philosophy & literature, art & architecture, even equity & the environment. COVID too, with all it's so-called "disproportionate effects," particularly on "POC and other marginalized groups." (And don't forget "genital preferences" and "science is a white modality.") The list could go on and on...

So for a pundit of David's caliber to be ignorant of the influence of Marxist Critical Theory on a movement (with an admitted "ideological frame") like Black Lives Matter is worse than unfortunate, it's completely insane. And that wouldn't be so bad were David a mute living as a hermit in the middle of the desert. But he's not, which serves only to militarize his ignorance, not only against his (otherwise well-earned) credibility but also against the possibility that his podcast will help create anything close to an environment for healthy public debate. But do not let your padawan heart be troubled, for ignorance isn't an incurable condition... and ol' Doc Paleocrat has provided lots of links to help him on his way.

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