BABY NEWS... aka, "Oops! I Did it Again!" lol

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I've posted no new articles, no new videos or podcasts--nothing at all!--for over a month! Sure, I've been SUPER BUSY (more on that below) but I haven't posted anything to Paleocrat Diaries for over a month--not even links to my appearances on other programs & websites. That's bad! No, it's worse than bad. It's entirely unacceptable, and my supporters--especially those paying-member "Superfriends"--deserve more... much, much more.

So, in the spirit of confession & penance, here's an EPIC list of things I've been doing since I last posted to Paleocrat Diaries. It'll keep you satiated... at least for a week or so. lol

1. Starting with the biggest bit of news, earlier this month, we discovered that my wife is expecting! This baby will be Bannister Beastie #6, and we couldn't be more excited. True, we weren't trying to have a baby, but we weren't not trying, either, if you know what I mean. We hope it's a girl but we'll be just as happy & grateful if it turns out to be a boy. Then, just yesterday, Angela had her first ultrasound! Lookin' good... like a lil seahorse! lol

2. On December 21, I wrote (what would become my most-shared article of all time), "The Blinding Light of Darkness: A Rorate Reflection." The video below includes audio clips & photos taken from that particular Mass.

3. I'm a thurifer for the Latin Mass at Sacred Heart parish in Grand Rapids. In late-December, I attended training sessions aimed at teaching altar servers how to serve at the Solemn High Mass, which we were set to serve (twice) in honor of the Feast of Epiphany. After the Mass, I served alongside our vicar while he blessed the students & classrooms at Sacred Heart Academy, where my children attend school. (REMINDER: Any & all funds from this site go 100% toward my children's tuition. To contribute, visit our Members & Services pages.)

4. In late-December and early-January, I joined atheist activist and professional podcaster David Smalley (of Dogma Debate fame) for a three-part interview. It was awesome, and the series resulted in over six-hours of audio! Here's a link with the full breakdown, including links to each episode, show descriptions, and links to Patreon comment sections where I battled with outpouring of atheist outrage regarding things I said during the interviews.

5. On January 3, I joined Editor Timothy Flanders and fellow-contributor Kennedy Hall for a lively discussion of the Catholic controversy surrounding Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of Pope Pius X.

6. On January 10, in the boiling-hot aftermath of tension with Iran (and the fanatical fear-mongering over the impending doom of World War III), I returned to MoC, with Timothy Flanders, to discuss imperialism, colonialism, and American geopolitics.

7. On January 13, I joined a fraternity committed to Exodus 90. This plays a big role in my being AWOL. It's an ascetic program lasting 90-days, beginning with a "Why" statement detailing your intentions, and committing the fraternity to disciplines including: a) avoid internet/TV/device unassociated with work b) pray a daily Holy Hour, including 20-mins of silent/mental prayer c) read daily selections from Exodus & the gospels

d) meditate on the reflections that accompany daily readings

e) abstain from alcohol, sugary treats, sweeteners, and snacks

f) don't eat between meals

g) fast & abstain every Wednesday & Friday

h) exercise at least three-times-a-week

i) take only cold showers

j) pray for fellow-fraternity members

k) keep in contact with your anchor (i.e. accountability partner)

l) listen only to wholesome, uplifting music

m) do a nightly examination of conscience

n) meet with fraternity once a week

o) get seven-hours of sleep (or more) every night p) occasional additions (i.e. Mass, confession, Lectio Divina)

q) no purchase of unnecessary things

So, yeah, it's pretty hardcore, and I'd be lying to say I've never dropped the ball, but Exodus 90 is a life-transforming program and it has already had a dramatic impact on my life. In fact, I plan to make a Paleocrat Diaries video (maybe even a Facebook or YouTube livestream) about my experiences but this list should give you a basic idea for how these disciplines have impacted my use of time, social media, and electronics.

8. On January 27, I again joined Timothy Flanders for what turned out to be MoC's most-watched & commented-on YouTube Premiere. It was about the charismatics, their histories, revivals, doctrinal distinctives, and more... and, as I wrote in this afterthought, some very personal (and surprising) admissions.

9. Last but definitely not least, I recently discovered that my sister's cancer had spread to her brain. Her most recent MRI revealed that she has no less than 17 tumors! Adding to the sadness, I also discovered that PaleoDiva & #TeamTinyDancer supporter, Melonie Rice, also has breast cancer. These developments took me by complete surprise, and having personally experienced the tragic loss of my daughter to brain cancer, I was shaken to the core! I ask, then, that you to consider following their stories (Pheobe & Melonie), to contribute/support in any way within your means, and to keep both of them in your thoughts & prayers.

P.S. On a related note, I want to express how grateful I am to have friends like Editor Luke Getz. He was there when I got the phone call about my sister, and he could immediately tell that I was devastated by whatever I was being told over the phone, so he sat by my side, placed his hand on my shoulder, and wept with me in silence... a silence which is only broken when he began to pray. It was so comforting, just to known I wasn't weeping alone; and it was soothing to hear his heart poured out in prayer. He's proved time & again to be a godsend, more than once helping me to endure the weight of dread & despair, and to emerge from the pain as a better man.

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