Deplorables v. Partisan Overlords

I've had a longstanding tradition of not endorsing political candidates. If I had to guess, I'd say it started on the heels of Al Cavasin's tragic loss to Elizabeth Fulton in 2006, but it didn't fully-develop until my time at Olivet College. I was idealistic, holding fast to the phantasm of unbiased reporting & the Golden Era standards of journalistic ethics; and though the bulk of my work was in the worlds of talk radio & public access television, I preferred the political independence of post-partisan populists and the luxury of a well-informed audience.

And as the campus muckraker and Grand Poobah of Olivet Young Americans for Freedom, I already had enough on my plate, so the last thing I needed was an echo chamber of ditto-head mockingbirds tweeting half-baked GOP talking points (no offense, Rush, I still love ya).

But it was more than that, for I also had a special kind of hatred for partisan politicians pressuring me to endorse them. That happened in 2008, following my endorsement of Ron Paul. And that was weird, since endorsing Ron Paul was political shorthand for giving the establishment & party system a big fat middle finger. Yet there they were, GOP goons demanding I give them air time, "Cos, you know, Republicans (and stuff)." Suffice it to say, they were never invited on my show.

And those experiences (and principles) would stick with me for many years...

Admittedly, some of this changed following the election of 2016... well, at least insofar as Trump is concerned--and I don't even grant him carte blanche! I mean, heck, his transition team was loaded with RINOs, he was wrong to jump the gun on Syria, and it's screwed up how folks like McMaster, Kushner, and Bolton were even brought on board! (And when was the last time you heard people chanting "Tax cuts! Tax cuts!" or "Fauci! Fauci!" at a rally?) Even so, DJT is a standalone in my Hall of Enthusiastically Endorsed Candidates.

As for the rest of those suckers, I work 'em overtime! Sure, I generally vote Republican--as do many other self-identified independents--but candidates gotta earn my vote, especially in the primary. For while the individualist idealism of my youth has been tempered by the group-oriented realism that comes with time & experience, I'm still principled in my desire for a well-informed audience... and I'm relentless in my commitment to keeping the hell away from Kool-Aid-drinking mockingbirds & their partisan overlords.

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