Dirty Batman, DIY Dads, Antifa Wants You DEAD! (PD:S1:E37)

With a table of contents (cued w/ links) below!


16:10 - The Great Chipmunk Caper!

20:52 - Raccoons Raid Bank... for cookies?

24:09 - Hobby Horse Championship

31:39 - Dirty Batman Leaves Poo on Doorstep

34:20 - Hilariously "Independent" DIY Dads!

47:34 - Jurassic Park 2.0: Hellbenders Return!

52:09 - Raise your glass! Howl at the Sun!

1:02:17 - UPDATE: CDC's New Covid Stats

1:08:30 - The Wolfpack PRAYS for Listener!!!

1:15:59 - Yale PSYCHO: Level MAGA Country???

1:24:46 - Antifa: The Rise of Antichrist Violence!

1:32:54 - Kamala Harris Body-Double?!?!

1:44:55 - Brave Journalist Takes a Stand!!!

1:54:21 - SJW Author Condemns His Own Book?

2:00:36 - POETRY: "Happiness," by Carl Sandberg

2:02:15 - Meme Review

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