FINALLY! The FULL VIDEO of "Fear, Loathing, and Love of Confession!" (+ FB Live Vid!)

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

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Personal Admission (Important for Ending)

Chapter One: Confessing to Friends

Chapter Two: Confessing to Oneself

Chapter Three: Confessing to God

Conclusion: A Call to Confession

So the premiere was a BUST. Well, kinda sorta. The turnout wasn't bad, and the video had a 100% viewer approval rating... buuuuuut there was an error in the upload and YouTube only aired 11 of 24 minutes! I thought it was a mistake, or maybe that the video was just buffering, but then came the end screen and I knew it was over. Suffice it to say ol' Papa Bear here was TICKED-OFF! So I went and did what any outraged content creator would do in a situation like that: I hopped on Facebook Live to vent a little... or, you know, for about a half-hour.

FUN FACT: The reception on FB was fantastic--lots of views & comments! So many, in fact, that I'm debating whether to make my next video a Facebook Watch Party.

Think, Pooh Bear, think...

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