HELP WANTED: A Call for Volunteers & Contributors!

November has been a crazy month for us! First came an explosion of new viewers, followed by a tidal wave of new members & subscribers. It was intense, but we remained realistic and assumed it would eventually plateau... but then I spoke at the #StopTheSteal Rally in Lansing, Michigan, and our world has been a full-blown tsunami ever since! We're grateful for every bit of it, of course, but through the unanticipated flurry of meetings, phone calls, and three-hour live-streams that followed, we've learned to accept an important & inevitable truth: Paleocrat Diaries has reached a place where the need for volunteers & contributors has entered the equation. We want to do this right, making sure to honor your time and your talents, and we're still working out some of the details, but if you love the show and would like to learn more, reach out to us at!


SOCIAL MEDIA OPERATORS - I've said it many times: I loathe social media! And yet, there's no denying the power (and importance) of these platforms, especially for shows like our own. We're looking for people familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Parler. We also have a Hootesuite account, which would make it easier to post across multiple platforms, as well as to schedule posts.

SOCIAL MEDIA AMPLIFIERS - This is for the freaks & geeks who tune-in on a regular basis but might not be very tech-savvy. That's okay! Sometimes it's as simple as liking, commenting, and sharing a post or page with your friends, family, classmates, and coworkers!

STORY SUPPLIERS - We're in need of new stories every day! Funny stories, gross stories, weird & spooky stories, and memes, as well as articles about current events, politics, religion, and culture. This is especially important since it would broaden the number of sources we share on the show.

MEME MAGICIANS - Do you love making memes & thumbnails? Serious ones, funny ones, doesn't matter, we're interested in original content!

CONTRIBUTORS - Are you a writer or vlogger who covers topics/themes similar to those shared on our show? Topics: traditionalism, religion, family values, political economy, theology & apologetics, media theory, book/movie/music reviews, "conspiracy" theories, etc. VIDEO EDITORS - Viewers want video clips from the show, something quick & easy to share -- and something that doesn't require anyone to flip through three hours of video to find! If you're familiar with video editing software, we'd love to hear from you!

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