NEW VIDEO + The Super-Secret Paleonati... EXPOSED???

Okay, the gig is up. After nearly two years, we've decided to publicly admit what should have been obvious to everyone from the get-go:

We are Paleonati... and by "we," I mean, me and my cousin Derek.

Derek is the genius behind the idea, and he created the very first Paleonati video, but it wasn't long before I too was publishing videos and posting updates to the Facebook page. The idea was simple: TROLL! But unlike most trolls (including my Twitter persona ThodaPopinthki, which I created to "anonymously" attack the absurd arguments and grotesque hypocrisies of atheists & SJWs), Paleonati was supposed to be pure, unadulterated fun--even kinda innocent. I mean, sure, we we were trolling, but at least we were only trolling ourselves...


"Gosh, I really hate that Paleonati guy," said one person. "Dude, that Paleonati crap really ticks me off!" growled another. One of my close friends also bought into it, claiming he wanted to, and I quote, "punch that Paleonati person right in the freakin' throat!" WOWZA! Folks were taking things waaaaay too seriously, and they were getting angrier with each and every "exposé"! Heck, even YouTube thought we were being serious, going so far as to post a Wikipedia article about the Illuminati beneath the video Derek made!

Just look at the title! It's OBVIOUSLY a joke!

Things were spiraling out of control--and fast!--especially since our posts were receiving hundreds, even thousands of views! So we did what any caring person would do in a situation like ours: we told the truth... but only to the rage freaks. Everyone else had to find out for their own dang selves--or get angry enough that we'd break it to them (gently). It's seemed like a legit, and it didn't demand much. After all, the "Our Story" section on our Facebook page was practically a dead giveaway!

Okay, so maybe we should've said, "EVERYONE here at Paleonati is FAMILY with The Paleocrat," but c'mon, it's clearly a joke--and we didn't want to totally blow our cover!

Then, after Derek's post on Dec. 13, 2017, Paleonati went dark...


Like we did with our Russian Bot & Troll-in-Residence ThodaPopinthki, we've decided to simply throw Paleonati into the mix, using it as an additional vehicle for comedy & satire videos I plan to post at Paleocrat Diaries. So expect more from Paleonati, including remixes of old time favorites like, "Oral: Chore Day," "Daughter's First Date," "Important," "Ride the Lightning," and "One of Those Days," where I move around without the use of my legs throughout the entire video. Many of these were mentioned (with clips: see here) in my video, "Fear, Loathing, and Love of Confession." And while these (admittedly nonsensical) videos are a dramatic departure from my more religious or even political posts, sketch comedy and political satire have always been a major part of my life and work... so, to play on the quote from Elder Otto in, "Paleonati Exposé No. 8":

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