The OFFICIAL (and Long-Awaited) #TeamTinyDancer Baby Registry!

Okay, so maybe I procrastinated... a lot. It's not as bad as waiting 'til the last minute to contact potential godparents (yeah, I did that) or forgetting to connect with people willing & able to babysit the kids while Angela is in the hospital (I did that too), but it's still something that should've been done months ago, especially since Angela's due (with baby #6) on Sept. 17!

So, without any further ado...


If you don't see something on the list, that's okay. Certain items (i.e. bassinet) are important but others (i.e. clothing) are just a matter of style... with the possible exception of the little fox outfit, of course. That is an absolute must-have!

If you have any further questions, email us at!

P.S. The image (above) is taken from Ang's most-recent 3D ultrasound.