Introducing our brand new Paleocrat Diaries' coffee mugs! And remember, 100% of the proceeds go toward our children's continued education at Sacred Heart Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan! To learn more about our children's school -- and why Jeremiah works so hard to provide for his family -- watch this powerful video of our family's #TeamTinyDancer story and SHA's promo video at the bottom of this post! Show your love for Paleocrat Diaries with our basic "Straight to the Dome!" mug. Alee kept it simple, yet classy, featuring our coffee-guzzling slogan in black & white, with the original Paleocrat Diaries logo on back! And you can choose from our 20oz Jumbo mug, our 6oz Espresso cup, or the 10oz Bone China cup. Topping it off, there's a 15% discount code (in red)!

If you prefer something more artistic, with a playful attitude, then you'll love our special-edition "Paleocrat Wolfpack" mug! Ambrose worked really hard on this, drawing and coloring an adorable #TeamTinyDancer family photo, with a super-cute "Wolfgang in a wolf costume" at the center. Plus, his "Paleocrat Wolfpack" wording is a perfect touch! It comes in Jumbo, Espresso, and Bone China shapes & sizes, and features the same classic logo on the back. Topping it off, this includes the same 15% discount code (in red) as the classic mug.

Thank you so much for supporting Paleocrat Diaries & our #TeamTinyDancer family!

COMING SOON: Even more Wolfpack gear! We're hoping to have shirts & sweaters, stickers & stationary, backpacks & purses, even baseball hats & bibs for babies!

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