Paleocrat Diaries Live (S1:E27) - with timestamps & article links!

The team at this "very professional program" would like to apologize for the technical difficulties in this episode: late start, muted mic at the beginning, uncentered video, latency issues, and the unreadable screen-shares! While we would never dream of throwing our great leader under the bus, all of these mishaps were entirely Jeremiah's fault, demonstrating (for the gazillionth time) just how lost he'd be without us.


10:16 - Jeremiah's rant against "Facebook User" in the comments

15:51 - Woman writes thesis while in labor???

18:13 - Orcas in "orchestrated attacks"

20:51 - New BACON-SCENTED mask??

26:58 - Worst birthday cake ever?

30:08 - New Fashion Trend: Rubber Chicken Purse

32:12 - Grossest food festival EVER!!!

35:57 - Stupid man swims with alligators

37:05 - Man sells frozen discontinued Taco Bell items

39:08 - PSA: Do your Christmas shopping early!

41:32 - Singing... because the days are evil.

46:28 - Patriotic baseball fans sing National Anthem!

56:17 - Don't send your kids to apostate Calvin U!

1:04:19 - Knife-wielding BLM lunatic climbs Trump Tower

1:08:57 - Violent feminist stomp/choke MAGA woman!

1:11:00 - Antifa knocks teeth out of black MAGA man!

1:13:07 - Unhinged Leftists attacks 73-yr-old veteran!

1:13:54 - Crazed BLM/Antifa fired first at Rittenhouse!

1:15:01 - Insane Antifa attacks MAGA woman in SF!

1:16:09 - Deranged feminists call ACB a "theocrat"

1:20:04 - Antifa attacks MAGA rally in Ithaca, NY

1:21:52 - Former-Nickelodeon star outs kiddie pervs!

1:23:40 - COVID Patrol monitoring Jews!

1:25:01 - HILARIOUS: Liberal weirdo has TikTok meltdown

1:29:17 - Trump Kid steals show!

1:30:54 - Trump: Jesus is more popular -- by a longshot!

1:34:56 - We're smack-dab in the middle of a war!

1:35:30 - Town Hall ratings are in: TRUMP WINS!

1:38:09 - Empress Whitmer LIES! Incites violence???

1:43:55 - "Fact Checkers" run cover for Biden/DNC

1:49:48 - AOC uses Jesus as a partisan prop

1:52:30 - The "controversy" over men vs. women sports

2:10:44 - Meme review!

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