Paleocrat Diaries Live (S1:E31) - with timestamps & links!

Big Tech threw everything & the kitchen sink at us today, but we persisted, refusing to give up and standing steadfast in our commitment to keep on smiling. Enjoy the show!

08:27 -- YouTube flags one of my videos!!!

11:28 -- Adam Keikkila and Trump's poll watchers!

14:14 -- THE local bear turns car thief???

21:37 -- MAGA cat snags two-faced spy snake!

24:34 -- Raccoons invade bank in California!

30:02 -- Sheriff offers to help celebs leave USA

36:13 -- Kamala's beta hubby lets cat out of the bag?

41:12 -- Memories of moms & mullets!

44:09 -- Deer crashes through salon window!

48:05 -- Birthday cake disaster! (And Gelada Baboons)

55:09 -- Ancient swords... and Poisonous Turtles???

58:33 -- Man bounces bubble 290 times!!!

1:09:13 -- Gretchen Whitmer vs. Libertas Christian

1:20:11 -- COVID crazy! Parts I, II, III, IV

1:31:28 -- Left is coming for Christian schools!!!

1:38:24 -- Schools at center of SJW cult

2:05:43 -- Dems BIG STEAL: Parts I, II, III

2:17:10 -- Meme Review!!!

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