UPDATE: Paleocrat Diaries (S1:E32) - w/ times/topics, NO LINKS

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Here is the edited version of today's episode. We removed the long intro, the muted mic, and the difficulties surrounding the Dr. Derek video. (UPDATE) We aren't sure how this happened, but yesterday's post (with myriad links & timestamps) has disappeared. Our top cybermen are on the case, but this one may go down as an unsolved mystery, so please forgive us for only reposting the video with timestamps & topics. However, if you are interested in any of the articles covered in this episode, email us at PaleocratDiaries@gmail.com, or send a message via our website.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: (Timestamps/Topics ONLY)

5:34 - CORONA analysis & tips, w/ "Dr. Derek"

15:49 - Funny stories

31:31 - On Gender & Thou Shalt Not Judge

38:10 - More funny stories

47:18 - Arrogant stupidity of "Blue Checkmarks"

58:17 - Today's "Bidenphiles"

1:20:05 - JoeBidenIsSick.com. Parkinson's???

1:22:59 - Biggest mask study... being censored!

1:38:25 - RANT: Jeremiah SHREDS new Biden ad

1:47:55 - Black Trump supporters on the rise!

2:02:24 - Meme Review

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