Paleocrat Diaries Live (S1:E33) - YOU are why I love this show!

Today was so much fun! I even went off-script, reading "Matilda, Who Told Lies, and Was Burned to Death" from Hilaire Belloc's classic children's book, "Cautionary Tales"! (Heck, we had so much fun, I hardly noticed we'd gone 30-mins over!) And the comments were great, too, many of them resulting in rather long, in-depth discussions. FTR: The title is a little misleading. While I planned to talk about my friend Levi Russell's article in the Washington Examiner about Pope Francis's new encyclical, I'd realized that I had yet to read the encyclical for myself! Sorry, but I'm not a "cart before the horse" kind of guy.


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12:12 - Join me for NaNoWriMo!

14:39 - Funny Stories

16:31 - Jeremiah reads "Matilda" (Hoaxes & Fake News)

24:59 - Hillary is the new Gore Vidal

27:06 - Funny Stories

40:40 - Trump Derangement is REAL!

43:17 - ALee makes an appearance!!!

46:24 - Funny Stories

59:48 - Dating Tips!

1:22:46 - The Dems Big Election STEAL!

1:41:23 - In defense of Rednecks

1:48:11 - The Rise of Blacks for Trump(ism)

21:14:21 - HEARTFELT: Why talk about race?

2:19:33 - What does Paleocrat think of Taylor Marshall?

2:26:05 - Meme Review!

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