Paleocrat Diaries Live (S1:E34) - w/ BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today was one of the most interactive days I've ever experienced on-air -- a lot of new listeners too! The Wolfpack is getting bigger each & every day! Owoooooooo!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We've changed things up a bit: the TABLE OF CONTENTS (below) still includes timestamps that you can copy/paste, and some still have links to stories we covered, but now we've added videos cued to begin at the start of each segment! We hope this makes it even easier to find your favorite stories and to share them with your friends!

TABLE OF CONTENTS (with pics & cued vids):

08:32 - Join me for NaNoWriMo!

13:13 - Wolfpac Sting's Final Match (cued below)

21:50 - Kids Write Jokes (cued below)

27:29 - Boy Cuddles Pet Fish TO DEATH (cued below)

33:38 - Fastest trash bin?!?! (cued below)

42:53 - Little Pee-Wee's Halloween Special! (cued below)

49:25 - WEIRDOS: Food Appropriation??? (cued below)

1:11:01 - Bidenphiles: Election 2020 News (cued below)

1:28:04 - Leftists promise violence! (cued below)

1:37:28 - Wow! BLM Riots (Again), now in Philly (cued below)

1:44:03 - Prince Harry, Polls, and Proud Boys! (cued below)

1:54:39 - Ann Coulter on Stumer Trump! (cued below)

2:02:12 - Reading Time: Cautionary Tales (cued below)

2:06:55 - Meme Review!!!

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