The Triggering - Paleocrat Exposed!

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

This is a reboot an old satirical video I made while hosting PaleoRadio on Olivet College's WOCR, 89.1 FM. Okay, so maybe it was a little provocative. And, sure, it was kind of politically incorrect. Still, the campus-wide triggering unleashed by this video was ridonculous. A whole bunch of students and teachers were all riled up, some of them even sharing it with their classes, even going so far as to debate whether or not I should be censored--which I eventually was, btw, but for a different, less satirical stunt. What still cracks me up about that story, though, is how all of them failed to spot otherwise obvious facts:

1. I recorded it myself.

2. It was posted to my own YouTube channel!

Oh, those early days of YouTube & social media... let's see if anything has changed since then. Oh, yeah, and try not to laugh.

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