VIDEO: Taking Tim Gordon To School (Over Distributism)

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Dang, Timothy Gordon was having a real tough time today.

P.S. The promo video for this post resulted in a real sh*tstorm on Twitter! For those lucky souls who were fortunate enough to have missed it, here's a rundown (with some lowlights). Not gonna lie, it's pretty bad. But don't fret, for while the beginning may be dreadfully disheartening, it ends on a rather positive, even cordial note. So make sure to read this blog in its entirety... and, please, remember to keep us in your prayers.


1. Tim's wife, perturbed by my playful headphones, called me a "NERD!" with this gif.

Theeeeeen she blocked me. Bummer, since she certainly would've missed my reply.

(FTR: I have no issue with Mrs. Gordon. Truth is, she's a real spit-fire--definitely not the kind of woman you want to feud with, especially not on Twitter!)

2. Joseph Gordon Levitt's long-lost younger brother was also outraged by my headphones. In fact, he was so bothered by them that he decided to make a video insisting that I take them off... aaaaaand to call me a "NERD!"

Sure, it wasn't very original but he gets a B- for effort, especially since it had to be really hard for him to make that video... you know, while being totally baked out of his mind and all.

3. Like the rest of outrage mob, Steve Skojec (of OnePeterFive) also disliked my style.

Unsatisfied with his potshot at my thuggish-ruggish headphones, he went full-machismo, insisting that we engage in some sort of professional pissing contest.

"At this"? What is "this" you speak of, Steve? Video creation??? Surely not!

And I whipped up this little ditty, just to prove my point.

FTR: I gotta admit, this was a low-blow on my part. True, his personal YouTube page is wicked-lame, and it's a fact that his video presentation has much to be desired, but it would be absurdly disingenuous for me to deny--or even fail to recognize--that Mr. Skojec is a highly-accomplished editor of a wildly-successful Catholic website. Sure, this meme was fun. And, okay, maybe it was kind of hilarious. But I still could've (and should've) done better.

So, long story short, things went downhill REAL FAST! There was, however, a silver lining to all of this. For through all the craziness, Steve's perceptive editorial eye took note of my reply regarding the reason I quit smoking: it was one of my daughter's dying wishes.

This, of course, led to a rather cordial exchange (filled with late-night typos)...

All of which resulted in a funny (and rather ironic) wrapping-up of our "dialogue."

UPDATE: And now this: Dr. Taylor Marshall blocked me on Twitter. Pfft! Seriously, Taylor?? Come on, man, you gotta cut that kinda crap out.

I must admit, also, that I was somewhat saddened by Meaning of Catholic's decision to remain silent on the issue. I'm curious to see whether he mentions this to Mr. Gordon during Friday's episode of Reason & Theology, especially since it was MoC's idea that Mr. Gordon & I debate one another on TnT. We'll have to wait and see... On the brighter side of life, I got this from Stephen Kokx of LifeSiteNews.

So did Catholic Apologetics International's Media Director Laurence Gonzaga:

... as well as Peter Michael Burke, Jr. of League of Christ Sovereign:

Then, when all was otherwise said & done, Mr. Gordon replied:

And like a cherry on top, I saved the greatest tweet for last:

See, I told you things got better in the end. #NeverGiveUp #KeepOnSmiling

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