READER REQUEST: List of Books that Formed the Life of My Mind

Recently, some of my listeners asked if I could provide a list of books that have informed my world- and life-view. I was reluctant to admit that I'd never assembled a list, especially since this was about the gazillionth time someone had asked me for one, but I wasn't about to lie. And why would I? It wasn't just a good idea, it was long overdue! So I went out on a limb, promising (live on-air) to put together a list of books that left a lasting impact on the life of my mind. It sounded like a lot of fun, anyway, and it was a lot of fun...

... at least until I remembered how many books I've read!

Honestly, it was kinda horrifying! I have an enormous library and many of my favorite books are no longer in my possession (a common conundrum for any bona fide bibliophile), so it was harder than I initially imagined! Still, I made a promise, and it was a promise I was determined to keep. I'm glad I did, too! Sure, it was tough, and okay, so maybe it took me more than two days to complete, but I did it -- and it feels pretty darn good! FTR: I'm sure there are books that could have (and probably should have) been on the list, but it's a start, right? Meh, it'll do... at least until I publish Part Two. COMING SOON! P.S. I plan to re-post this list with links but that'll be a hefty task, especially once I include categories like theology, philosophy, and apologetics! Trust me, though, I'm on it!