Spooky Spiders, Flying Cars, #StopTheSteal (PD:S1:E39)

We were lightyears ahead of the curve on election news. If your friends & family weren't listening before, they should definitely be listening now! *** Table of contents (with cued timestamps) below!


13:49 - Crazy Scary Spider!!

22:30 - School "Walks" to New Location???

24:42 - The Great Polar Bear Hoax

28:07 - Tik-Tokker's Bass-Ackward Home Decor

34:14 - AMAZING! Car Transforms into Plane!

37:53 - Top-10 Bizarre U.S. City Names

1:04:10 - Raise Your Glass & Howl at the Sun!

1:09:25 - Post-Election Recap

1:37:50 - So it Begins... THE VIOLENCE!

2:02:27 - RANT: Is America Doomed???

2:21:56 - PERSONAL: Angels on My Shoulder

2:24:15 - Meme Review

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