The Masculinity of Future Men

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode of Paleocrat Diaries contains an obscene amount of traditionalist claims concerning masculinity, marriage, and parenting. Listener discretion is advised. * I've provided a Table of Contents with hyperlinks/timestamps below.

In this special podcast edition of Paleocrat Diaries, Jeremiah uses Rev. Douglas Wilson's book, "Future Men" to detail the many duties & dangers that godly fathers will often face when raising masculine boys in an emasculating age of effeminacy.


Opening Remarks: 00:00

Little Boys Becoming Young Men: 06:09

Trigger Warning: 08:00

"Future Men" Intro: 08:33

Parenting Future Men: 11:33

Bad Behavior vs. Unformed Strength: 12:48

On Fighting: 13:53

On Cooking & Cleaning: 14:58

Attacks on Masculinity: 17:56

Defense of Loving/Feeling Fathers: 20:44

Little Lord Lundy: 22:35

"Toxic Masculinity" vs. St. Joseph: 23:33

What is (Biblical) Masculinity?: 25:00

Plastic Guns & Wooden Swords: 28:28

You Can't Fight Dragons with Gender-Neutral Toys: 31:48

Masculinity of Books, Manners, and Poetry: 32:51

On Gender Roles: 34:27

Discipline & Dominion: 36:30

Boy's Weakness, Women's Strength: 37:06

Good Manners Make No Excuses: 37:49

Perfection, not Perfectionism: 38:44

What God Requires of Us: 39:27

Good Husbands/Fathers in a Godless Age: 40:00

Concluding Remarks: 41:37

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