THIS is the Game-Changer!

Maybe you've grown accustomed to my being AWOL, or maybe you're grateful that I'm not bombarding you with notifications (highly unlikely, but the world is full of weirdos). Still, failing to post is a loathsome injustice, especially to members and subscribers...

ENTER: the wisdom of "Alee Lovesic."

"Alee" is the empress overseeing the "staff" at Paleocrat Diaries, and she had a brilliant idea. In order to catch everyone up with what I'm doing, I must: 1. Post my daily episodes of Paleocrat Diaries LIVE. 2. Share every new episode of PaleoCheeze Podcast. 3. Include posts about family, church, books, and movies. 4. Publish every new appearance on Meaning of Catholic.

5. Notify everyone whenever there is a new Paleonati video. 6. Start work on the Paleocrat Diaries / #TeamTinyDancer store! 7. Treat my site like social media, relying heavily on the Wix app.

(Links are to playlists with everything you've missed -- it's a lot!)

EXTRA CREDIT: Consider doing an occasional live-stream for members-only, including gaming videos, maybe of vintage games (i.e. Contra, Mario 2, Wolf 3D, Doom), modern video games I enjoy (i.e. Hitman, Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft, MarioKart), or even games I don't typically enjoy (i.e. Zelda, Final Fantasy). "No matter what, MEMBERS-ONLY content!"