VIDEO & BLOG: "Charismatic Catholics?" An MoC Premiere, with Timothy Flanders

This episode is PACKED with TONS of information, LOTS of LAUGHS, and plenty of deeply PERSONAL takes--it's no surprise, then, that it ranks as's most-watched YouTube premiere! The title is a little misleading, though, as we also talked about St. Ignatius of Loyola's lessons concerning discerning of spirits; the history of the Holiness Movement; manifestations/enthusiasms surrounding the ministry of John Wesley; Parham's Bethel College & the Azusa Street Revival; internal divisions over "the initial evidence," the Trinity, baptism, and sanctification within the Pentecostal community; the influence of Adventism on Pentecostal theology; the long-lasting impact of the Moravian "experience"; Blessed Elena Guerra's letters to Pope Leo XII and his subsequent encyclical and novena regarding the Holy Spirit; John XXIII's symbolic "throwing open the windows of the church to let the fresh air of the spirit blow through"; the Duquesne retreat of 1967; as well statements made by the popes concerning the validity, meaning, and desirability of the charismatic gifts; the creation of CHARIS; even some personal thoughts & feelings regarding the gifts and an alliance with conservative/traditional Charismatic Catholics. (More below...)

As Tim admitted in the video, he was kinda shocked at how sympathetic I was toward the charismatics. Unbeknownst to the viewers, we'd privately discussed--and even debated--this matter, and we'd done so on more than one occasion. At the time, I was vehemently opposed to the idea of the sign/power gifts being operative in the Church. More than that, I was adamant that charismatics had no place within the ranks of those fighting for tradition! This change of heart took him off-guard, and I'm sure he isn't alone, which is why I (still) plan to dedicate one or more Paleocrat Diaries videos to this subject, affording me both the time & the space to explain the evolution of my thought, to relay the reason for my change of heart, the basis for questions & concerns I've yet to resolve, and my answer to the question: "Jeremiah, do you presently speak in tongues?" It's a big topic, and I'm still working things out in my heart & mind, but this is an issue that means a great deal to me--especially in light of recent events--so I anticipate making more than one video, tackling topics such as: my initial conversion experience in 1996; my involvement with the '90s revival movement (i.e. Toronto Blessing, Pensacola Outpouring); my having spoken in tongues; my experiences being "slain" & "drunk (with holy laughter) in the Spirit"; my having attended (and participated in) deliverance meetings, healing seminars, and an exorcism; my former-belief & -practice of Madame Guyon's heretical method of Quietistic prayer; and my defense of contemporary worship music; as well as the charismatic experiences I've had since first converting to Catholicism in 2007. That's a lot to talk about, and it's bound to get kinda bizarre, especially since I'm so thoroughly entrenched in conservative & traditionalist movements/groups, so I want to do it right... ... I need to do it right. P.S. A few days ago, I reached out to Fr. Goring. He's a "tradismatic" or "Trentacostal" Catholic and a bona fide ally of the conservative & traditional movement, using his YouTube channel to call out perversion in the hierarchy, to decry the heresies of Modernism & the neophilia of modernity, as well as to harken the faithful back to tried-&-true customs & traditions, including but not limited to the nuclear family, chastity, modesty, priests facing ad orientem while celebrating the Mass, the reinstallation of communion rails, and the practice of receiving the Eucharist on the tongue. Sadly, Fr. Goring was out of town. Sadder, still, I was told that he likely will not return my call, as he is focused strictly on the concerns of his parish. That's reasonable, and maybe even a rule from his bishop. After all, no matter how popular he may be on YouTube, he is, first & foremost, a parish priest with local concerns. Still, I was hoping to speak with him, maybe even to receive some much-needed direction & encouragement. But I'm glad I called, and I refuse to give up hope just yet. For, maybe, just maybe, my family can take a detour to his parish in Ottawa during our trip to New Hampshire, where I'll spend Holy Week with my goddaughters... and where I'll serve as sponsor to their father, a dear friend (and former-atheist) who, joining his wife and daughters, will be entering into the full sacramental life of the Church. Hmm... I think I've hatched a plan! *fingers crossed*

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