VIDEO: "Lefebvre: Hero or Villain?" on MoC, with Timothy Flanders & Kennedy Hall.

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I recently played role of a diocesan antagonist (i.e. my actual position) in a dialogue with Timothy Flanders (editor) and Kennedy Hall (contributor) of for an MoC YT premiere, wherein we discussed & debated the controversial decisions of Archbishop Lefebvre, the history of SSPX/Vatican relations, and questions & concerns surrounding the Society's present status with Rome. This was good fun, and the comment section is great!

IMPORTANT NOTE - Okay, now it's time to eat crow--and this one's a doozy! During the program, I made a rather significant--and lamentable!--error, claiming that Archbishop Lefebvre had, on at least one occasion, "mingled with conclavists." But after the show was over, I got to thinking, "Where did I learn of this?" So I scanned through my books, thumbed through my magazines, even conducted online searches, only to concluded that this is a perfect case-in-point of something being technically true but not entirely correct. For while Lefebvre did, in fact, "mingle" with conclavists, it was they who approached him, when, in 1976, they arrived unannounced at St. Jude's Shrine in Stafford, Texas, where Lefebvre just happened to be visiting. Moreover, apart from that single, brief, and entirely unexpected encounter, there is no indication that Lefebvre or the SSPX ever mingled with those espousing the nonsensical notion of conclavism. That qualifier makes a world of difference, so much so, that I'd have had no reason to even bring it up in the first place! In the end, it was worse than unnecessary, it was misleading... and it was entirely counterproductive. After all, it's one thing to disagree with the Archbishop & SSPX on one or another of their decisions, positions, or public statements, but it's an altogether different thing to attribute (intentionally or otherwise) something to him/them that he/they had neither said/done. To do so is tantamount to peddling misinformation, and regardless of whether or not that is what I intended, that is exactly what I exactly what I did... ... and for that, I apologize. Due to the gravity of the charge and the nature/reach of the venue wherein it was said, I've asked Tim to permit me to admit of my mistake during an upcoming episode of MoC.

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