VIDEO: Raising Daughter's RIGHT! (A Father's Guide)

"A Father's Guide to Raising Daughters Right" was inspired by conversations I had with my daughter Teresa and deals with topics like reading & music, work & leisure, beauty & modesty, tradition & modernity, patriarchy & feminism, even sex & marriage--yeah, I totally went there. I even provided a parental to-do-list and some great book suggestions! And don't forget to check out the very important P.S. at the bottom of this blog!

*Scroll down for Table of Contents (with timestamps). They may also be found in the video description below the video on YouTube. For this and more, visit my playlist!


00:31 - "Taking Notes" Book Contest! 02:01 - Our "Four Men" Party 03:55 - The "Four Men" Boys Choir? 05:15 - Feasting Like Good European Catholic Men 05:40 - WARNING: Do NOT Do This With Limburger! 07:07 - "Ancient Christian Philosophers" FB Page 07:55 - Fun for Generations to Come 09:25 - Listeners' FAQ: Charismatics? 10:53 - Intro: My Daughter Teresa 12:49 - "Confused Boys" (in Girls Bathrooms) 14:14 - What it Means to be a Girl 14:48 - Dads & Daughters 16:24 - Rejecting Relativism 17:28 - Bonobo Sexual Ethic: Dating & Hookups 19:39 - STDs & STIs 20:39 - Marriage & Divorce 22:00 - Contraception & Abortion 23:19 - Pornography 23:53 - Modest Apparel 24:27 - More than Apparel--Applies to Men too! 25:46 - Saintly Examples for Young Girls 28:21 - The Power of the Weaker Sex 29:31 - The Good Wife 33:24 - Tirade Against the Modernity 35:39 - This Present Darkness 38:22 - What can Parents Do? 40:14 - A Strategy for Raising Daughters 43:20 - Long Roads & Tiny Steps 44:22 - My List of Parental Suggestions 47:21 - Sex Education 49:14 - Books About Girls & Parenting 50:41 - Our Great Parental Hope! P.S. This video doesn't include conversations about our daughter Samantha (RIP). While I lament having failed to include her mottos of "Never Give Up" & "Keep On Smiling," it was my intent to limit this video to subjects resulting from conversations I had with Teresa. That decision was partly to do with the fact that I've already made a number of videos (here & here) focused specifically on Samantha--I'm even writing a book about her life & death with childhood cancer!--but part of that also had to do with my having yet to tell a story strictly about her, about our friendship and the life that we live now. This is a strictly parental consideration, fueled (at least in part) by the fact that my kids actually listen to my show... and they keep track of mentions! It's for this reason (and others) that I decided to focus solely on Teresa, and why an upcoming video about fighting & sports will focus on stories pertaining to my son Athanasius. Plus, some of these "missing mentions" will be included in a collection of stories, speeches, lectures, and podcasts I'm publishing, entitled, "Paleocrat Diaries."

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