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Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

Near the very beginning of the 'coof" thing kicking off, 2019 I experienced a transforming conversion experience.

Long story short, I grew up secular; however I confessed to be "Christian". After many years in the military & federal service I was experiencing several severe medical conditions that forced me to resign my job. Then homeless for nearly four years; living in basements, garages & dilapidated properties.

With each passing day I fell deeper into the pit of sin, despair & depression. Every hour of every day was a battle between life & death.

By the amazing Grace of God, He showed me the depth of my sin & how each one made Him suffer. From that moment on I turned away from the enemies of the soul & have dedicated my life to God.

Since my conversion, most "old friends" never speak to me anymore; even family.

Basically I am living the life as a hermit. Usually attend Holy Mass three, or more days a week, two days of adoration & volunteer at SVdP food pantry & thrift store 3 days a week.

God's love is absolutely amazing. With Him, I can do all things.

May His Peace be with you.

Kevin Hubbard

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